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That’s My Promise – And Everything Is In Writing.


This is my strong belief: when a homeowner invests in home improvement in Denver, Lakewood, and surrounding areas, they deserve full warranty protection. Warranties need to be strong, clear, and in writing. I also insist that all my products are manufactured by companies with a PROVEN track record for always standing behind what they do.

This is why I won’t compete with bottom-of-the-barrel contractors who offer inferior products that have vague warranties and are from companies that likely will not be around in a few years.

Superior Industries has been in business for 34+ years, and I can tell you that I have seen plenty of examples of people who decided to go “cheap, only to find out later the protection they thought they had isn’t really there.

The great thing about a real warranty with real protection is you rarely need to use it. The best manufacturers can afford these protections, because their products are of such high quality.

So the products I install rarely fail, but if they do, you have the peace of mind knowing:

For the lifetime of your home, our windows and siding for Lakewood, Littleton, Denver and surrounding areas are covered. Your service call, including trip charge, parts, and labor will always be free of charge.

Compare that to some of the common tricks/problems/annoyances you find with the other guys:

  • Sometimes the warranty is pro-rated, meaning it decreases over time.
  • Others will stick you with hidden fees including “trip charges” or labor charges.
  • Glass breakage is almost never covered.
  • Exclusions are a big issue; some companies will not cover certain kinds of problems at all.
  • Finally, you’ve got to have faith that the company you’re buying from will even be around in 5, 10, 15 years down the road if/when you need some help.

Our dedication to customer service doesn’t stop when the job is finished. We are here for the lifetime you own your home. Period.

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Mike Liverant, Owner