Our Word Is Our Bond…
We Always Keep
Our Promises.

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Lakewood, Colorado 80232

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Remodeling and Home Design

‘Our Word Is Our Bond’
We Always Keep Our Promises.

If You Don’t Feel We Are Keeping Our Word
You Can Call Me – The Owner – Directly Anytime.


The Accountability Secret

Some home improvement companies hire journeyman installers and laborers. I DON’T. I am proud to say that Superior Industries is a family owned, and family run company. This is really the secret to our success.

Because two of my sons and my son-in-law work for me, I know they are committed to the incredibly high standards. Most companies struggle to find enough qualified people willing to meet high standards. Our family run approach solves that.

I also insist that our installations are completed by factory authorized personnel who do the work to exact manufacturer specifications.

Don’t Pay Until It’s Right

Another promise I make that clearly demonstrates my commitment to accountability: I don’t ask for a dime until your project is complete – not even a deposit. You keep your money in your pocket until the job is completed – and completed as promised.

Call Me Directly

No one can say that no problems ever come up – everyone is human, after all. In a rare situation where you have a concern, you get my direct line. You call me, we resolve it. That’s accountability, and that’s how we work at Superior Industries.

If you are looking to deal with a company that still believes “a man’s word is his bond,” than consider contacting us. We’d be honored to speak with you about your project.

Mike Liverant, Owner