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Remodeling and Home Design

.048 Geon Vinyl is The BEST Siding Option

(As Long As You Get The Best Products And Installers)

We Can Help You Pick The Right Choice For Your Home

Nothing transforms the appearance of a home like new siding. It will greatly improve curb appeal, add value to your home, and save you money on energy costs.

Siding Comparison

.048 Geon Vinyl Siding Highlights:

No Rotting, Warping, Shrinking, Swelling

Alcoa Geon Siding’s rounded profile with reinforced nail hem allows the product to expand and contract. Oversized lock allows greater stability, preventing distortion that can be caused by changing temperatures.

Better Impact Resistance

Vinyl siding in Denver and surrounding areas will give your home that “freshly painted” look combined with extraordinary strength and protection. Alcoa .048 Geon siding has exceptional thickness preventing dents from everyday weather and typical wear. The added thickness helps to conceal imperfections in a home’s sidewall. In fact, our .048 Geon vinyl siding is twice as thick as most vinyl siding products.

Colors That Stay Rich

We offer a wide variety of color choices that will match your home. Once you decide on a color it is guaranteed not to fade so you will never have to stain or paint this siding. An exclusive compounding process and color clear formula provide the outstanding durability needed to last through the elements.


Our .048 Geon vinyl insulated siding for the Denver area is installed with a full ¾” expanded polystyrene insulated material that provides insulation qualities equivalent to 3 ½” fiberglass batting.

Lifetime Warranty

Backed by Alcoa’s Registered Medallion Warranty, our products provide a lifetime, transferable, non-prorated warranty. Your siding is covered for both materials and labor – INCLUDING FADING AND HAIL DAMAGE.

Siding Comparison Siding Comparison
Siding Comparison

Board and Batton Steel

Steel Siding Highlights

Sometimes vinyl siding isn’t the right choice for your home or isn’t permitted because of homeowner association regulations. We have the perfect solution- REVERE STEEL SIDING for Denver and the surrounding areas.

Commanding Strength

Revere’s rugged steel construction is virtually impervious to outdoor elements. Rigid steel panels deliver high dimensional stability and resist buckling and the wavy appearance that can result from expansion and contraction caused by extreme weather changes.

Smooth Finished Look

While fiber cement and compressed particle boards typically require caulked joints, Revere’s siding has crisp and clean "seams". In addition, the generously proportioned 1/2" butt height adds greater dimension and style with dramatic shadow lines.

Simple Upkeep

Taking care of your steel siding in the Denver area will require very little upkeep. Unlike wood siding that typically needs repainting every five to seven years, steel siding doesn’t require much more than an occasional rinse with a garden hose - perfect for today's lifestyle.


Revere steel siding is built to stand the test of time and comes with a lifetime warranty covering materials and labor. You have the peace of mind knowing with our products knowing that if anything unforeseen happens you are protected.

Contact us today to discuss the siding option that is right for your budget and your home. We will take the time to educate you on the products, discuss financing options, and schedule an installation on your schedule.