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Remodeling and Home Design

Don’t Do The Same Boring Concrete As Everyone Else.

For Just A Bit More You Can
Do Decorative Concrete

Traditional Concrete

Stand Out With Something Distinctive & Increase Curb Appeal
Our Concrete Is Also Much Stronger Than Traditional Concrete

One of the most cost-effective ways to dramatically improve the appearance of your home is with decorative concrete in Denver and surrounding areas. Not only does decorative concrete make your home more attractive, our Geon Micromesh concrete produces a much stronger product than traditional concrete. Our concrete LASTS FOREVER.

Decorative Concrete

Our 5 Step Process

Step 1: You will meet with the owner during the consultation.

This meeting will educate you on the benefits of decorative concrete, the installation process, and the available design, style, pattern, texture, and color options.

Step 2: See the finished product before we do the work.

We will share with you a computerized image of the final results. This allows you to see exactly how your home will look before making a commitment.

Step 3: Review financing options.

If you are interested in financing your project, we can discuss your options. We have unique options that can make affording your project very easy.

Step 4: Installation of your concrete will be complete by factory trained installers.

This will ensure your project is completed to the standards set by the manufacturer. You will have the confidence your concrete will last the life of your home.

Every installation follows this strict process:

  • Remove and haul away old concrete.
  • Prepare and regrade soil, then install a minimum 3” roadbase and compact area.
  • Form all edges and prepare soil 6’-8” of thickness around edges.
  • Install 3/8” rebar – not wire mesh.
  • Pour 400# 3/8” aggregate with Geon Micromesh at least 4” in thickness over suspended rebar.
  • Screen and install colored hardening curing agents.
  • Texture and stamp with mats.
  • Complete dry using blowers if necessary.
  • Saw cut expansion joints.
  • Pressure wash the concrete to remove all release agents.
  • Remove all forms and clean up any debris.
  • Install two coats of sealer with desired sheen

Step 5: We will be coming back to inspect your project.

Meet with Mike Liverant to inspect the completed project to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Where to Install:

  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Steps

Click Here to see our examples of our past projects.

Let Superior Industries show you how beautiful your home can look with decorative concrete for Denver and surrounding areas.

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