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Upgrade Your Home With Energy Efficient Windows

Posted on July 18, 2015

Energy Efficient Windows

Colorado residents know that the weather can change in an instant, causing your home’s temperatures to rise and fall with the winds. If you live in Colorado and your energy bills are more than you can afford due to the local weather, you may want to consider installing new windows. Fortunately, there are some great choices for energy efficient windows in Littleton, Colorado. With their beautiful designs, unique features and eco-friendly advantages, these windows are a money saving asset for any home.

One of the greatest benefits of these windows is their ability to help homeowners spend less money on heating and cooling bills. While windows provide great views to the world outside, they also gain and lose heat through the processes of air leaks, radiation, conduction and convection. A window with a smaller conduction rate means that less heat will flow through the window and out of your home. When you begin your search for new energy efficient windows in Littleton, be sure to talk to window professionals about the conduction and radiation rates of the windows.

Another unique feature of windows built for energy proficiency is their ability to upgrade your home. Whether you are looking to beautify your home or increase it’s value, these windows can provide a new look while helping you put aside money you do not spend on exceedingly high energy bills. When you are ready to install these windows, you can choose from several types of frames. The most common materials include vinyl, wood and aluminum. When shopping for energy efficient windows in Littleton you can still look for fashion alongside modern function. Plus, a home with new windows will sell much easier than one with old, drafty windows.

When buying windows to decrease your energy footprint, you can also choose what goes inside the frame. Many windows are built with single paned glass, but double paned glass windows sealed with an argon fill allow for less conduction and heat radiation. Windows should also be labeled with a sticker that tells you its U-value and solar energy gain coefficient (SEGC). The U-value measures how resistant the window is to heat loss while the SEGC measures the amount of solar heat that filters through the glass.

No matter what kind of energy efficient windows you purchase, you are sure to create an eco-friendly home while spending less money on your energy bills.