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Understanding How Energy Efficient Windows Work

Posted on January 29, 2015.

Window Replacement

If you’re a homeowner, chances are good that you’ve heard more than a few things about energy efficient windows. What you might not be aware of just yet is how an energy efficient window works or if it actually saves you money. If you’re thinking about replacing that drafty window in your home, learn more about how efficient they can be.

Glass Coating

A window made with low-emissivity glass, which is also known as low-e glass, is ideal for keeping the rays of the sun from penetrating your glass and heating up your home in the summer and making sure your heat remains inside of your home in the winter, both of which keep your air conditioning unit from working harder than it has to. For glazing, you can choose from gas fills, tints and reflective coatings for your windows.

New Window Technology

An energy efficient window might also be made with several panes of glass as well as gas. A window with multiple planes keeps out UV rays, with as much as roughly 97 percent of rays being blocked with the use of three panes of glass. A window with multiple panes is great for keeping your fabrics and flooring from fading prematurely. The advantage of using gas in a window is that it keeps heat from transferring.

Spacer System

If you hate the sight of condensation on your window glass, consider installing new ones made with a fully polymer structural foam instead of metal. Depending on the window manufacturer you select, you can lower your U value by .01, which is one of the best ratings for window efficiency.

Even if you like the way your current windows look, there’s no telling how much energy and money you might be wasting by keeping them. Have them inspected by a professional in order to determine just how efficient they are and see if it’s time for you and your home to get an upgrade.