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Top Five Reasons to Use Vinyl Replacement Windows in Your Home

Posted on August 18, 2015

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Compared to the other typical replacement window materials of aluminum, wood or fiberglass, vinyl replacement windows offer some distinct advantages. In addition to being maintenance-free (they never need painting), they neither rust nor harbor termites. Read on to discover the many advantages of using vinyl replacement windows in Lakewood homes.

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

One of the primary advantages of vinyl replacement windows over its competitors is energy efficiency. As the government sets stricter standards for energy-efficient rated windows, the vinyl replacement window industry has been thus far able to meet and exceed the new standards. These new windows provide insulation against the high heat of summer, while keeping heat inside during the winter, leading to lowered energy bills year-round.Here are the top five advantages of vinyl replacement windows:

  • • Energy efficiency exceeding that of other window materials

  • • Lower cost

  • • Very low maintenance

  • • Recyclable

  • • Ease of cleaning due to tilting glass panels

In addition to these primary benefits, other advantages are afforded through better sound-proofing,an ability to be manufactured in colors to match or harmonize with your house, the ability to shape the window to any configuration or size, and the fact that they are more secure than other windows. Indeed, some vinyl windows are so secure that they can handle bullet-proof glass. These special windows have heavier duty frames and double locks, making them the most secure windows available in the market.

Go Green With Vinyl

You would not normally think of a vinyl window as a green product, but due to their energy efficiency, recyclable materials, lack of need for volatile chemicals to clean or repaint them, and the ability of the industry to continue meeting ever higher government energy saving requirements, they are indeed green. Greener even than competing windows made from natural products. In summary, there are many benefits to having vinyl replacement windows in Lakewood homes. They may well turn out to be the smartest choice for your home.