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Make Your Next Replacement Windows Your Last

Posted on March 14, 2015.

Window Replacement & Installation

Wouldn’t you love it if windows never had to be replaced? If they were the one part of your home that would last as long as your house was standing? When you choose top-of-the-line replacement windows, they can. Buying a cheap window just means you’ll have to buy them over and over, but buying a high-quality, security window allows you the freedom to choose your windows once, and then never worry about them again. There are a few things to look for when selecting replacement windows that will guarantee that they are the highest-quality window possible.

Security Glass

One of the best ways to protect your possessions and loved ones is by installing security glass. Made with 7/8” dual-sealed, laminated safety glass, this is much more durable than typical window glass. Security glass protects your interior in several ways. First, it’s much more difficult to break, and in some cases can even be bulletproof. This can help in a variety of situations, whether it be a dangerous intruder or a destructive tornado or a runaway baseball, you’ll feel safer knowing your loved ones and possessions are protected behind the strongest glass in the window industry.

Triple Weather-Stripping

In addition to protecting against future damage, your windows can also guard your home from the elements that attack it every day: air and water. By purchasing windows with triple weather stripping and multiple chambers, you’re creating dead air spaces that insulate and protect. These thick, vinyl casings are the strongest guard against water entering your home through the cracks around your windows. They also block out exterior air, keeping your interior comfortable through any type of weather.

Keep these things in mind as you search for a contractor who installs the best windows on the market. Make sure they have a full guarantee against any type of breakage and also against any problems with the installation. Making the decision to purchase the best windows available will make your next set of replacement windows your last.