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The Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Posted on January 09, 2015.

Vinyl Siding

Modern vinyl siding may be adapted to any style of architecture. It is no wonder it has become a premier choice for resurfacing homes. It is flexible, long wearing and may contribute significantly toward improving a home’s insulation.

Endless Possibilities

Vinyl comes in a variety of shapes, from lap-style slats to decorative shakes and scallops. Whether your home is contemporary or on the historic register, there is an option that will suit. In addition, plenty of detail pieces are available to give your home a truly finished and complete look, including:

  • Hidden vent soffit and fascia

  • Corner posts

  • Gable vents

  • Utility blocks

  • Crown molding

  • Door surrounds

  • Shutters

A Full Spectrum of Color

One of the best features of siding is its ability to appear to be freshly painted after years of exposure to all kinds of weather. Colors are not limited to just a few basic choices. Hundreds of hues and shades are achievable with today’s vinyl product, whether you are after a painted finish or the look of natural wood grain. Imagine never having to paint or stain the exterior of your home again! Maintenance amounts to a little cleaning periodically with a mild soap and water from the garden hose.

Extra Layer of Insulation

Finish materials may be installed with a 3/8th – inch layer of wrap insulation. The wrap insulation generally covers studs and wall crevices that may ordinarily be left less insulated.This process adds substantially to the R-value of a home, which is the number that measures a home’s insulating capacity.

Long Term Solution

Home resurfacing offers a number of clear advantages for the homeowner. The material is lightweight, highly durable and suitable for extremes in any climate. The vinyl itself may take on whatever style your home and your taste require and it is extremely easy to keep looking terrific. Plus, lifetime warranties are often available to cover manufacturing defects and potential problems with color and appearance. For trouble-free, long-lasting style and value, vinyl siding is a wrap.