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Stay Safe Behind Dual-Sealed Windows

Posted on Januray 30, 2016

replacement windows in Golden, CO

Everybody wants to feel safe in their home, yet most windows seem defenseless against intruders and the elements. Unlike traditional glass windows, security windows provide added protection against breakage, keeping the home and homeowner safe and healthy. If you need replacement windows in Golden, CO, consider installing windows with sealed safety glass.

What Makes Glass Secure?

What differentiates safety glass from traditional glass is a coating of laminate that resistsshattering. With dual-sided lamination, instead breaking into a thousand pieces, your windows will hold their shape and prevent the infiltration of your home. Dual-sealed glass not only protects you from intruders, but from many potential accidents, such as a tree branch swinging into your home during a storm.A similar technology is used in the auto industry to improve car crash safety. If you are replacing your windows, then there is no reason not to install laminate-sealed windows. The added security benefits alone are enough to justify the cost.

Additional Advantages of Safety-Sealed Glass

Dual-sealed windowsprovide more than security; they are also energy efficient. As far as replacement windows in Parker, CO go, dual-sealed windows are the superior choice for the climate. Common untreated glass lets cold air in and warm air out. Sealed glass insulates your window and, when installed with high quality triple weather-stripping, prevents drafts and heat loss. Installing cheap, unsealed glass will end up costing you more money in heating and energy costs than installing insulated windows would. The investment is pays for itself in the long run.

Don’t devalue your home any longer with unsecure, inadequate windows. Start saving money on energy costs by installing efficient dual-sealed windows. New window replacement in Golden, CO is worth the price when you consider the added security and efficiency advantagesof treated insulated glass. Find a window installer who can work with you in creating a new, safe and warm environment for your home.