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Remodeling and Home Design

Landscape Ideas to Enhance Your New Siding

Posted on June 15, 2016

Siding Centennial CO

Does your home need new siding in Centennial, CO? This is an important outdoor renovation that can increase your curb appeal and add substantial value to your home. If your are going to update the siding, you may want to consider other outdoor renovations that will also improve the curb appeal. New landscape, in particular, will make a huge difference and it will enhance the look of the siding. Here are some options to consider.

Concrete Pavers

Instead of pouring plain concrete, you can add concrete pavers to your walkways and sitting areas. These pavers are inexpensive, and they usually look a lot better than plain concrete. You can choose a color that looks good with your siding for added visual appeal.


Many homeowners are adding gardens to their landscapes. You can add a garden to a small area of the yard and plant herbs and vegetables. You can also hang planters on areas of your home where you can grow these items. This will add detail and pops of color, and it often looks great against the siding in Centennial, CO.

Lined Pathways

You can make a great visual statement by lining the pathways of your home with a certain tree, bush, or mixture of flowers. When you do this, make sure to add the right details without making it look overly cluttered.

Sitting Area

Another fun landscape option to add to your home’s exterior is a sitting area. This is a space where you can add some chairs and a few potted plants. You can keep it simple with the same concrete pavers or add something more detailed like a water fountain. Either way, this will add interest and enhance your siding.

If you need help choosing the right siding in Centennial, CO, contact a contractor today. Once you choose the siding, you can determine what landscapes will look best.