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How to Choose a Siding Style for Your Home

Posted on October 26, 2016

siding Aurora CO

Vinyl siding may get a bad rap, but the quality largely depends upon the type of vinyl you purchase. Contractors who use thick siding in Aurora, CO give their customers a type of material they can really count on. This vinyl is made without polymerian plastic additives and instead contains expanded polystyrene insulation.

Once you have decided on vinyl for your siding, you can choose between a variety of styles. The styles can be used separately, or mix and match them to create your own perfect exterior. Clapboard siding has panels that run horizontally from one end of the house to the other. Beaded clapboard has rounded notches or grooves at the bottom of each panel. This little accent changes the shadow line and makes it more unique.

For vertical siding, choose Board and Batten. This type has panels that run up and down the house instead of from side to side. Board and Batten was historically used for barns but is commonly used now for homes. It can be used all across the home, or in conjunction with other styles. For new siding in Aurora, CO, speak with your contractor about the different style options for your home.

Cedar shake is another common choice, especially for vinyl siding. The vinyl is meant to look like cedar, and the design resembles small shakes or shingles. Most contractors have cedar shake available in a variety of colors and shingle sizes. You can thus purchase a design that is unique to your décor and your desired exterior.

Many homes us a combination of cedar shake, Board and Batten and clapboard. When used together, the different siding creates complementary lines and shapes that really accentuate a home’s beauty. For instance, you might want to choose cedar shake at the tops of the exterior sides and then clapboard the rest of the way down. The options are limitless for siding in Aurora, CO.