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4 Ways You Can Prepare for Window Installation

Posted on January 16, 2017

window installation Littleton

Windows provide privacy, light control, style, and functionality to your home. However, after years of faithful use, it may be necessary to replace your windows. You may notice cracks, poor sealing, fogginess, or moisture seeping between the panes. If you are anticipating an upcoming window installation in Littleton, here are four ways you can prepare.

1. Clear the Clutter

When the contractor arrives to install your windows, he is going to need a bit of space to move around. As you get closer to the agreed upon installation time, remove all of the furniture and décorimmediately around the area. This will reduce the chances that things get knocked over, broken, or damaged. With things cleared out of the way, the contractor can quickly complete installation so you can enjoy your new windows right away.

2. Protect Your Furniture

Window installation in Littleton can be a dirty job. While your contractor will do his best to keep debris on the drop cloths he has put on the floor, sometimes, dust or debris can spread to other places. If you have furniture or other valuables nearby, consider covering them with a sheet or blanket to keep them clean.

3. Remove Window Treatments

If you have window treatments, you will need to take them down in preparation for getting new windows. If you have curtains, you can leave the hardware in place and simply remove the actual curtain. With all treatments already removed, your contractor won’t have to try and work around them which could slow the process.

4. Arrange Your Schedule

If you have planned a certain time for your window installer to come, be sure to arrange your schedule to make sure you are home. Communicating with your contractor will guarantee the process goes smoothly and that you are happy with the outcome.

When you plan for window installation in Littleton expedite the process and guarantee your satisfaction with proactive preparation. By moving things out of the way, protecting your belongings, and arranging your schedule, you will be fully prepared for a successful installation.