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Our Promises.

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Remodeling and Home Design

Welcome To The Company That
Makes Real Promises…
And Always Keeps Them.

Most Companies Tell You They Have “Good Service” &
“Quality Products”… But That’s Not Good Enough.

We Absolutely Promise Amazing Service And The Very Best Products & Installation.

When you read the “About Us” page on most websites, you can’t tell one company from another. They usually list a few services and make vague claims about quality and service.

We’re different. Superior Industries has been around since 1980. I learned this trade from my father and my sons and son-in-law now help me run this company (for more about our Family Run business, click here).

Being in this business so long, I’ve seen a lot of nightmare scenarios in home improvement. I promised myself we would never put our customers through that. In fact, I have always promised we would be the exact opposite of everything that is wrong with this industry.

About Superior Industries - Staff
About Superior Industries

Holly May West, Scheduling

Promise #1:

While other companies often are late to appointments and struggle to stick to an installation schedule, we are on-time and keep to the installation schedule. If any product delivery delays will affect your project, we fully communicate that to you.

About Superior Industries

Bret Liverant, Mike's Son, who's in charge of our window division.

Promise #2:

While other companies shock you with the cost on the final invoice, we stick to our quote – the final invoice will not be a surprise.

About Superior Industries

David Liverant, Mike's son who is in charge of our commercial division.

Promise #3:

While many companies will offer inferior products to save a few pennies, we only use products proven and tested over time to be the very best.

About Superior Industries

Wayne Shepard, Mike's son in law, who's in charge of our siding division.

Promise #4:

While other companies want to compete on price alone, we emphasize the long-term value of the selecting the right products to invest in your home. The old saying really is true: “You Get What You Pay For.”

About Superior Industries

Mike Liverant,
President of Superior Industries.

Promise #5:

While other companies often delay and dodge complaints and issues, our customers have the owner’s home phone number. You deserve accountability… and you will get it.

How To Find Out More ‘About Us’

The best way to find out more about us is to call us for a free consultation about your home-improvement project for Denver and surrounding areas. We can educate you on your options and provide a firm, fair quote. There is no obligation for a consultation – give us a call.

Call us for a free consultation and quote because we only use products that come with warranties with real teeth – the kind you can count on.